ZERO WASTE is the recycling of all materials back into nature or the marketplace in a manner that protects human health and the environment.


Lower Makefield (PA) residents are helping themselves to "Free Mulch!" from collected yard waste.



PENNSYLVANIA - A good example of 'bad' Yard Waste Ban legislation 

There is some misinformation on which states have true Yard Waste Disposal Bans. For instance, an EPA webpage states that Pennsylvania is among those states that have a Yard Waste Disposal Ban. That is incorrect (see photo at left, second container from right contains yard waste - legal under PA law). Pennsylvania does not currently have a Disposal Ban on Yard Waste, in general, nor on trees, bushes, grass clippings and leaf waste, specifically. Act 101, Section 1502 only applies a waste disposal restriction to how "leaf waste" is transported for disposal, restricting disposal of "truckloads composed primarily of leaf waste." The definition of "leaf waste" does not include grass clippings. Plus, unlimited numbers of trucks with less than 50% leaf waste are permitted. Lastly, PA law allows vegetation from land clearing activities to be used as "clean fill" and as well as to be disposed in Construction/Demolition landfills. See: Latest legislative effort to improve PA Yard Waste Ban - HB2101

EPA Webpage on YARD WASTE BANS - not totally accurate

States with Yard waste Bans

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