Buyer Beware

is the recycling of all materials back into nature or the marketplace in a manner that protects human health and the environment.



To investigate property, owners can do the following:
  • Check EPA's Site Information page. From this Web page, you can view or download information about the nation's hazardous waste sites. These sites can be as small as a single contaminated well. Don't be surprised if a hazardouse waste site is located near you.
  • Talk to neighbors and local municipal officials to check for a history of dumping on your specific property and the surround area. Contamination from buried waste can migrate off-site.
  • Check local ordinances for prohibitions against dumping of construction/demolition debris. See: ZWA's Open Dumping.
  • Check County Aerial Photographs (if available) over the last several decades (may date back to the 1960's) for changes in topography that could indicate dumping activities.
  • Conduct Soil, Water (ground & surface), Air (landfill gases), testing for toxics, including radioactivity:

    If you suspect you are suffering from living on contaminated property, consult a health professional in environmental illnesses.   See: Health Impacts for referral information.

Environmental Consultants: Hire a firm outside of your county. If you hire a firm within your county, it could be counter-productive. The consultant may be closely connected to other local businesses and politicians. They may not represent your interests to the best of their ability. Also, check for certification (see below):